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Editorial #5: Computer Programming/Coding And The Classes in Schools Today

Artip N., Writer

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Computer Programming: A thing that really exists in the technology we use today, but we’re missing something, something that must be taught in schools, and possibly affecting our world as of today.

One day, I was looking for a school that fits in to my specialty: computers. However, the schools I were searching for doesn’t contain any type of Computer Programming classes. I mean, it’s insane! Not even 1% of the whole world has an actual school that literally has classes for computer programming. All we do is use it for business, personal use, etc. Plus, the programs we were taught, we already know those things! So, why not go another level and get Computer Programming/Coding in our brains?

When we go another level of coding computers, we’re preparing ourselves for the future. Maybe in the next 10 years, our jobs will be mostly in the technology field, and without the classes, only some might just make it into those jobs.

So, why not have computer classes now? I hope that these classes exists in every single school in the whole world.

Oh, and… check this website out! You can actually program your own flappy game!:

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Editorial #5: Computer Programming/Coding And The Classes in Schools Today