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Story Time in Science

Jacqueline T., Staff Writer

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Once upon a time, on February 8 2012, a science classroom of 7th graders read a story about a man named Greger Mandel.

“How do mothers and fathers pass down their traits to their children,” Mandel asked himself.  This question was answered in the story that Mrs. Marroquin read to her students.

In her class, Mrs Marroquin wanted to catch her students’ attention and she thought that a great way would be through a story. Students are more interested in fairy tales than facts, therefor, this was the perfect way to begin a new concept. Reading the story as if it was a fairytale even though it is factual.

“This is another, more interesting, way of introducing a topic,” Mrs. Marroquin said, “In this case, genetics.”

The students learned about genetic patterns from Mandel. Mandel’s discoveries later became what we call today, the laws of Mendelian inheritance.

“It is more entertaining to learn lessons through a storybook than just listening to the teacher talk,” Makaylla R. said.

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Story Time in Science