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Creating Plazmids

Jacqueline T., Staff Writer

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On the 18th of January, Mrs. Marroquin’s 7th grade science classes used the DNA of a sea anemone to continue their protein creations.

The students created plasmids to put into the proteins. Micro-Pipeters (scientific eye droppers) were used to place these plasmids into the protein.  Their new substances were transferred into gel trays. One of these gels was filled with water while the other, was filed with enzymes.

These trays were then placed into the freezer for a few weeks. When they are completely frozen, the trays of protein will glow pink under a black light.

“This gave the students a chance to visually see the proteins” Mrs. Marroquin said.

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The student news site of Matthew Gage Middle School
Creating Plazmids