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Rodriguez P.E.

Tajee P., Lyndsey B., and Mariana M.

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During P.E., the teachers planned activities for their classes.

For this quarter, Mrs Rodriguez’s class is doing Volleyball.

They are learning how to serve the ball in three ways, Overhand, Underhand, and Sideways.

Students always have to serve the ball above their shoulders so it is easier to serve over the net.

If a student happens to step on the line when serving the ball, it will be call out as a foot fault.

If one team serves the ball and the other team does not hit it, then it’s your point.

Then they have to give to ball back but if they throw it over the net and they are not serving the it’s your team’s point.

At the end of the unit the class will take a test and they have to serve the ball over the net and how ever many out of 20.

Then she will make it out of 5.

So make sure you pay attention while learning!


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