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Rainy Day Activities

Tajee P.

Lyndsey B., Writer

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Have you ever Wondered what P.E was like during rainy days?? Well lately we have been having rainy days and P.E is different where all the classes moves into the gym for fun activities.

For example crab soccer. Crab Soccer is kinda like regular soccer but you have to stay on the ground the entire time but you can only use your feet and hands and kick it over a side and they get a point, to win the game you have to get the least amount of point .

There is another gym activity that there are cones with certain colors one side is yellow and another color is blue on the other. The point of the game is to flip the cone to your color and to get more of your color and you win.

Another fun gym activity is like water polo but without the water and you have to stay on you butt the entire time. The point of the game is to score the most points into the net and you win.

Most athletic Kids will like to run. This activity involves running in a relay race. There is a group of 5 kids and the first person in every row have to stand up. When the teachers blow the whistle you start to run around the gym and when you start to get close to the line you were in you have to tap on the next person waiting in line and then they start to run. Once the p.e. Period is over you have to add up all of the laps ran.

Now when your friend ask you what we are going to do for P.E. You will have an answer and you will know how to explain it.

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Rainy Day Activities