Andrew Hoxie


Alicia M.
October 21, 2014

October 7, professional soccer player Andrew Hoxie came to Gage and kicked goals with Mrs.Zaragoza and Mrs.Bullock’s class. Andrew Hoxie plays for Rochester Lancers Roster. When Andrew came to the school, he talked to the class about what they need to do to have a career and that they have to work... Read more »

Watch out Villains, We’re Coming for You!


Roy S., Writer
October 20, 2014

On October 15, 2014 students at Matthew Gage Middle School dressed up and participated in Super Hero Day for the schools spirit day. Students dressed up as their favorite superhero from various comics or TV shows. Many students participated and showed off their best superhero gear. Many batmen, supermen,... Read more »

Why Formulas?


Katelynn B., writer
October 16, 2014

On Friday, October 10, 2014, Mrs. Townsend’s second period Geometry class took a very basic problem and solved it on a whiteboard. She wanted students to figure out why we use these specific given formulas and how they really work.The problem she used was one divided by two thirds. She had students... Read more »

Volleyball Gator Girls


Jordan H.
October 16, 2014

Tryouts for 7th and 8th grade Girl’s Volleyball team were on October 1 and 2 in the Gym after school. A lot of girls tried out, but only about half made the team. The girls are supposed to practice for about  a month, then the games begin on November 14th. Gage has this wonderful opportunity to participate... Read more »

Gathering of the Bands


Andrew C.
October 15, 2014

On October 22, at King High School, middle school bands come together to play  music at Band Extravaganza. The middle school bands will be playing, Hip to be Square, Rolling In The Deep, Smoke on the Water, and the Star Spangled Banner. These songs are fun and traditional and easy for the audience enjoy. Mr.... Read more »

The Week of Red Ribbons


Emma C., writer
October 15, 2014

From October 27 to Oct 31, Gage students will be participating in Red Ribbon Week. The purpose of this week is to teach kids how to be drug-free. The theme this year is “Love Yourself, Be Drug Free” Throughout the week, students will participate in spirit days and lunch time activities. Some... Read more »

“Summer’s Not Over Yet!”


Caroline C., Writers
October 10, 2014

On Friday September 26, the first dance of the year was held in the auditorium, this year’s theme was “Summer’s Not Over Yet”. Students said the music was better due to the new DJ. With the help of ASB, 407 student’s attended the event. Tickets were sold for $2.00 apiece and they collected... Read more »

College Fridays


Artip N., Writers
October 10, 2014

Since August 29, College Fridays has taken place to encourage every student and staff to show their school spirit. Ms. Dundjerski, AVID coordinator, thought the school needed more college spirit, so she decided to incorporate College Fridays. Every Friday, students can show support for their favorite... Read more »

All Seventh graders Be ready

Roy S., Writer
October 10, 2014

On September 29, the announcement for seventh grade ASB elections was made to inform seventh graders for the opportunity to be part of ASB. Seventh graders will be able to represent their grade by competing in an election with other students. There are openings for two boys and two girls. They will help... Read more »

A Fiery Twist


Chloe V., Writer
October 7, 2014

Due to fire ants on the fields, intramural is switching from flag football to volleyball and will begin on Thursday October 2. The students attended the rules meeting for volleyball rules on Monday, September 29. Some of the rules for volleyball include: no foot faults, ball can touch the net , but it... Read more »

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