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Trading Cards of Elements

Griffin B., Staff Writer

In Mr.Van’s, 8th grade science teacher, classes, students created element trading cards on their own time to learn how they affect the world around us. The project was due on March 1, 2012.

Students learned what element they would study began research on February 15. Students are supposed to fill out their research sheets, and design their card by the designated due date. Students were graded on their research, content, creativity, mechanics (organization, durability), and if they can make a good trading choice.

Students’ cards were 4 inches by 4 inches, and were supposed to be well organized, creative, and colorful. Students were required to make 3 identical cards. After students had made their card and brought them to school, they were supposed to trade with someone in class, and part of the grade depends on who they trade with. This will help stimulate quick thinking for students. After the process is over, they will be graded.

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