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FACEing Worksheets

Charlotte H., Staff Writer

To review math learned throughout the year, Mr. Haskins, Math Teacher assigns FACEing worksheets that require artistic and mathematical skills.

First students get two worksheets. One has a blank head on it and the other has math problems on it. Students are told to solve the problem, and then circle the right answer. Every answer has a different picture that goes with it. After students choose their answer, they copy that picture on the worksheet with the blank face. Once the first side is finished, students complete the back which gives them the colors for the drawing. After students are finished students should have a character that is completely colored in. If students answered a problem incorrectly, they will have an odd looking picture.

Characters that have been drawn have included a farmer, race car driver, basketball player, and many more. Mr. Haskins uses the worksheets to border his classroom.

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