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Practice Makes Perfect

Serina E., Staff Writer

In band, students are preparing for their performance at the Music Festival on March 7.

The Music Festival is when all the bands in the Riverside Unified School District go to Ramona High and compete.They play three songs in front of three judges and the judges rate them 1-5. One means poor, two means okay, three means good, four means great, and five means superior.

Mr. Guzman has picked the three songs that they will perform. These songs are “Rain”, “Rhythm of the Spheres”, and “The Rowan Tree”.

Before practicing these songs they usually do warm-ups, and they use their tuners to tune their instruments. Tuners are devices that once on, they detect the music that you play into it, and they determine if you’re playing in tune. Mr. Guzman also encourages them to practice their music at home. He gives them practice sheets so they can record how many minutes they have practiced up until their performance.

As long as they practice their music and pay attention in class, they all have a very good perspective of how well they will play at this year’s Music Festival.

“Band is going to get Superior this year because we are awesome. The worst they’ve ever had is a three or ‘good’. They’ve never had a four or five.” said Anthony T.


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