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Open Mic Mornings

Maddie W.

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Every first Friday of the month, during first period in the auditorium, you can hear the amazing voices of Mr. Steffen’s choir class as they have open microphone.

“The kids get to use the equipment and have fun singing for their friends.” said Mr.Steffen, choir teacher. All of the students in the class get the option of going up and singing a song from Mr.Steffen’s collection of sheet music into a microphone.

“We have some great new talent this year and we got most of our best singers from last year back.” said Mr.Steffen.

Mr.Steffen began open microphone days to help students become more comfortable with singing in front of an audience. “During performances its nerve-racking to some kids to know that people are watching, open microphone helps the kids become comfortable with being in the spotlight.”

The singers came up in groups ranging from a single person to five or six friends.

“Its fun to be up on stage and have your friends clapping and cheering for you.” said soloist Alex S.(8).

Choir stars also had some surprise guests. Mrs.Webber-Perez and Mrs.Schiller, 7 and 8 grade counselors, along with some other office staff dropped by to cheer on the singers.

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Open Mic Mornings